Ryan Pappano

Work Portfolio


Rocket Engine and Aerospace Projects

I built a carbon fiber solid propellant rocket to gain experience in CAD and to expand my rocket knowledge.

After building a carbon fiber rocket, I began the development of a TVC-controlled rocket.

Design work with some hardware for a hybrid engine before moving to liquids.

The 4-year development cycle that resulted in a 10-second firing of an engine called Asteris 1.

The successor to Asteris 1 that led to the development of the torch igniter.

Large 5000 lbf methalox ablative chamber

The ignition system for Asteris 2 with a highly successful test campaign.

Created an ignitor to test capabilities for future projects.

My largest evolving project, Magnetar Space™, is a rocketry development group I founded in 2021. To find out more, go to: